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Anita Kestel

In 2012, Anita founded  her company which is now

AK Services & Creative, LLC, doing business as

My Transaction Co.

While she has been a licensed Maryland real estate agent since 2003,  she decided to put her license in referral status, and start her own business providing virtual support services for other agents, and has enjoyed doing so ever since. Anita has worked in the real estate industry for almost 20 years, and has managed hundreds of transactions over the years for herself and in assisting other agents. She enjoys the organizational work of transaction coordination, the creative work of marketing, and the inspiration that comes with helping other agents grow their business.

My Transaction Co. was formed on the premise that agents are busy and their time is best spent not doing busy work. Lots of people do a lot of things well, but by focusing on what you do best, you can reach your goals, professionally and personally. By letting us handle your 'busy work' for you, it allows you to do just that. All of our transaction coordinators are professionally trained, systems oriented people, with a discerning eye with contracts. We are focused on doing superior work to make your business run more efficiently and give your time back to you, while knowing that your transactions will be handled efficiently, professionally and with the care that they deserve.

My Transaction Co. assists real estate agents with their transaction paperwork and coordination, as well as their marketing and client care needs, and does so in a virtual, per transaction/project basis, allowing you more time for meeting with potential clients and increasing sales.

Knowing that consistent marketing and client contact (potential, current & past) is the road to increased leads and transactions, My Transaction Co. will work with you to customize a marketing approach and plan, developing and maintaining crucial client contact. We also offer assistance with social media, promotions, event planning, and business consulting.